Be informed about MOBI-US. Download the factsheet to understand the background, objectives, impacts, financial sustainability and more!

The aim of the Industry Workshop is to introduce the objectives of MOBI-US project, its’
achieved results – guideline materials, draft mobility pathways – to interested industry representatives
and receive their feedback for improvement. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Industry Workshop is
being organized online. More details on:

Understand the step-by-step of MOBI-US work plan towards the establishment of the student mobility network among the partner institutions.

Here you can find how the project is being developed, and the main milestones to be achieved until the conclusion of MOBI-US (07/2021).

First day – 30/06/2020

Second day – 1/07/2020

Other Materials



University of Zagreb – Faculty RGNF

University of Miskolc

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology


87.5 cm x 175 cm