MOBI-US at INTERMIN Final Conference!

The INTERMIN project held its Final Conference on the 22nd of June 2021, online. The project will be concluded at the end of June, and its main objective was to create a network of raw materials training centres worldwide – with the INTERMIN Portal. Through this Portal, students can filter their search of education programs on raw materials by region, by institution, and by disciplines/skills, which facilitates their decision making of the best destination according to their respective academic and/or professional objectives. In addition to helping students, the project also benefits the registered institutions, due to the global visibility that the Portal provides.

The final meeting had three main sessions: 1) Presentation of the results in each Work Package, 2) Presentations about EU projects that are connected/related to INTERMIN, 3) Stakeholders’ debate, and 4) Discussion on the vision of the future of education and skills in the raw materials sector. In this opportunity, under the session dedicated to EU projects related to INTERMIN, Márcio Tameirão (LPRC) presented the MOBI-US project.

During the first steps of MOBI-US the mentoring partners produced a guideline document on how to effectively set up the structured mobility network between the partner universities. One of topics in the guideline is the “Latest results on European qualifications framework, skill and competence catalogue for the raw materials sector”, which was a product of the work done in the INTERMIN project.

Therefore, this knowledge transfer from INTERMIN demonstrates the strong contribution and added value that it provided to MOBI-US in the successful implementation of the mobility pathways, according to the actual demands of the raw materials sector.

MOBI-US Training event – Part 1

The MOBI-US project reached one more important milestone on the 18th of June 2021: the successful conclusion of MOBI-US Training event, Part 1. The main goal was to gather representatives of other faculties and universities that offer raw materials-related higher education programs – from the ESEE region – to present some of MOBI-US’ results. The talks also mentioned the lessons learned, best-practices, and the guidelines that the consortium developed for an effective implementation of student mobilities. The idea is to support and foster the development of more mobility programs and projects in the region, which will strengthen the higher education in this sector, thus contributing to the raw materials industry.

In addition, guest speakers were invited to provide insights about potential changes in raw materials policy, skills and competence requirements, as well as the future of student mobilities in a post-COVID era in Europe:

  1. Márton Beke, Tempus Public Foundation: Structure and options for the future of student mobilities
  2. Vitor Correia, INTRAW (International Raw Materials Observatory): Expected changes in the competence requirements for education programs in the raw materials sector post-COVID
  3. Manuel Regueiro, IGME (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain): Changes in the EU raw materials policy post-COVID

A total of 55 attendees had the opportunity to learn and interact with the presenters from MOBI-US consortium, as well as the guest speakers. The presentations generated interest and engagement with the audience, which are crucial for the uptake of further cooperation between institutions and – consequently – the development of more mobility opportunities.

The event was hosted online by the project coordinator Ferenc Mádai – University of Miskolc. At the end he provided a summary and main achievements of the event, as well as the “homework” for the representatives of higher education programs, who will make an internal assessment of what is needed in their home institutions to be able to set up student mobilities – related to staff, facilities, and administrative conditions. This homework will be developed during the summer and presented in the second part of the MOBI-US Training, towards the end of 2021.

Upcoming event: Training Staff, part 1

On the 18th June 2021 the MOBI-US project will host a training event – online – specially dedicated to representatives of faculties and universities in the ESEE (East & South-East Europe) region that offer raw materials-related master’s programs.

The main purpose of the first part of the training is to transfer the knowledge and experiences acquired by the consortium during the MOBI-US project, focusing on the guidelines and preparation procedures to set up a structured mobility network between institutions, considering the demand in skills to fulfill the industry needs. In addition, the consortium will present the achievements within the project. The overall content of the event will be the following:

  • Achievements of the first year of the MOBI-US project
  • Benefits and issues in setting up a structured mobility at your HEI
  • Skills and competences required by the raw materials sector
  • Student mobility options and competence needs in the post-COVID period

In addition, guest speakers will provide insights on the changes and adaptations that the post-COVID world will potentially face. The context will be focused on student mobility, raw materials policy, and changes in the skills and competence requirements in the raw materials sector:

  1. Márton Beke, Tempus Public Foundation: Structure and options for the future of student mobilities
  2. Vitor Correia, INTRAW (International Raw Materials Observatory): Expected changes in the competence requirements for education programs in the raw materials sector post-COVID
  3. Manuel Regueiro, IGME (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain): Changes in the EU raw materials policy post-COVID

After the presentations and discussions, the participants will receive a “homework” to be completed over the summer and presented in the second part of the Training event in September 2021. Participants will use the insights and tools acquired during the first event to check the internal resources of their home institutions to be able to offer mobility opportunities to students – administration, staff, facilities, and more.

The objective of the Training event (parts 1 and 2) is to support and foster the uptake of structured mobility opportunities for students in ESEE institutions, to strengthen the higher education in raw materials in the region through cooperation.


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The Draft Mobility Pathways were published!

As you may already know, the main objective of MOBI-US is to set up a structured mobility network between the offered raw materials-related MSc programs of the networking universities. For that purpose, the partners mutually found complementary MSc programs that can have an extra added value due to the mobility opportunity for a semester (30 ECTS).

Through workshops (1-Presentation of portfolios, 2-Matchmaking and 3-Industry workshop), consortium meetings, emails, and internal discussions; 13 potential pathways were co-developed to be offered to the students during their mobility window. These draft mobility pathways are now available on our webpage!

The Draft Mobility Pathways webpage is organized as a menu, in which visitors can learn about the programs involved in each of the pathways, and the semester in which the option for the mobility will take place. Each pathway has its own button (Pathway #number) that will lead visitors to the webpages dedicated to each pathway, with the complete information about them.

These 13 webpages contain not only the previous information found on the menu, but also the educational pathway of the MSc program, an introduction of the joint curricula, the courses of each semester, and the courses descriptions of the mobility semester.

These pathways are being reviewed and, if necessary, adjustments will be made in the upcoming weeks. Once the reviewing phase is finalized, the whole MOBI-US network – including the final mobility pathways, MSc programs involved, and the administration procedures for application and enrollment in the mobility will be available on the website.

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Consortium e-meeting: Past achievements and future steps!

On February 22nd the MOBI-US consortium had a virtual meeting to discuss what has been achieved in 2020, and to launch the tasks and priorities for 2021 – the final year of MOBI-US. The participants were the members of the Steering Committee of the project, which is the team responsible for the decision-making towards the work plan.

The meeting covered the achievements of 2020, as well as the related reporting of it – deliverables and outputs. All items were delivered and uploaded successfully, in due time. After that, potential initiatives and ideas for MOBI-US were discussed, and the pros and cons were evaluated by the participants. In addition, the developments in the joint curricula and the preparation of the whole material about MOBI-US network were covered in this opportunity. The finalization and availability of these materials will be further discussed via email and future e-meetings, for the students to clearly understand the options, opportunities, and administration procedures to participate in the mobility.

In addition, there was a talk about the next and final workshop within the project lifetime. This workshop will be organized to present and discuss the network of elaborated mobility pathways, followed by an improvement session.

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MOBI-US Promotional videos!

In 2021 the students that are interested in the structured mobility offered by MOBI-US will have the opportunity to get more familiar with the networking institutions! How?

The partner universities have prepared promotional videos, presenting their universities, faculties, labs, equipment, field trips, and other facilities that will be offered to the guest students during MOBI-US. The videos illustrated very well that, regardless of the students’ choices for their mobility window period, they will be in good hands during their stay. In addition, the videos show images and clips of the cities where the institutions are.

MOBI-US YouTube channel is the repository platform for these videos, which are the following:

The videos together have reached hundreds of views after just a few days after the creation of the MOBI-US YouTube channel. These numbers demonstrate how interested the students are in getting informed and familiar with their future life during the mobility program.

Take your time and pay a virtual visit to the partner institutions!

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Industry Workshop – the last event of 2020!

The Industry Workshop concludes MOBI-US’ events in 2020. The workshop gathered partners of the consortium, academic stakeholders, and industry players of the ESEE region (East & South-East Europe), to talk about what has been achieved within MOBI-US during the first project year.

The main objective of the Industry Workshop was to invite members of the raw materials industry, from different areas of the value chain, to learn about MOBI-US’ overall progress and the structured mobilities that had been developed by the partner institutions. Afterwards, these industrial representatives provided their impressions and feedback, which will help MOBI-US to achieve its ambitious goal: adding value to the existing MSc programs and to produce a well prepared workforce for the raw materials sector within the region.

The event was divided in two sessions. The morning session was dedicated to the consortium partners, in which the leaders of the MSc programs presented the mobility pathways that have been arranged with the other universities. This part of the meeting was a preparation for the following session, which was dedicated to presenting the project’s achievements to the representatives of the raw materials industry.

The afternoon session started with welcome words and an introduction of MOBI-US by the Project Coordinator Ferenc Mádai – University of Miskolc. After that, the guideline documents were presented by the mentoring partners – “Best Practices for Joint Programs” and “Skills, competence gaps and needs of the raw materials sector”. Afterwards, the networking universities briefly presented the drafted mobility pathways, which was followed by an open talk with the industry members to discuss what was presented, and to collect their suggestions and input. The discussion covered relevant topics that will help MOBI-US to achieve its goals and expected impacts towards the raw materials education in the ESEE region.

The feedback from industry players is essential for MOBI-US partners to align the next steps and produce a well-prepared generation of geologists and mining engineers, based on the technical and soft skills acquired with the mobility program. The event counted with 35 participants in total.

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Last Friday, on 27 November 2020, the representatives of the networking universities had the opportunity to present their faculties, offered courses, campuses, as well as other aspects of the student life at their universities to the interested audience that attended the MOBI-US Open Day event online. The representatives of each institution had 30 minutes to make their presentation, covering the main topics that will be offered to the students that intend to participate in the mobility program offered within MOBI-US. These introductions followed the sequence below:

  1. AGH University of Science and Technology
  2. University of Zagreb – Faculty RGNF
  3. University of Miskolc
  4. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

This successful event was moderated and managed by Armand Abordán, a young fellow of University of Miskolc. There were 37 attendees in total, who could learn more about each one of the networking universities, and what they have to offer in the next academic year through MOBI-US. Some students showed their interest by asking questions about the timeline of the project, and about the start date of such mobilities.

Download the Press Release to learn more about the event!

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The next days will represent important milestones for the MOBI-US project. There will be two online events: MOBI-US Open Day, and the Industry Workshop.

The Open Day event will be an opportunity for the interested audiences to know more about the networking institutions and the MOBI-US project itself, in which there will be an agenda with timeslots for each partner university to introduce their facilities, teaching staff and everything that they will offer to the guest students that will participate in the structured mobility program. There is a webpage within MOBI-US website where you can find all the information about this event, the agenda, as well as the LINK to registration. It will be held tomorrow (27 November 2020) from 14:00 to 16:00 CET.

The next event will be the Industry Workshop. Next week, on 2 December 2020, representatives of the raw materials industry in the ESEE region are invited to join the event and provide their input and feedback on the mobility pathways that have been drafted by the program representatives over the past months (Online Workshop and Matchmaking Workshop). This input will improve the structure of these mobilities, which will add more value to the joint programs and, therefore, will culminate in a more prepared work force for the ESEE raw materials sector.

You can stay updated about these events and everything else about MOBI-US on the project’s website and social media channels.

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Monthly Consortium e-meeting

On 20 October 2020, the MOBI-US consortium had an e-meeting to discuss the project’s updates, progress, and the work plan for the upcoming weeks. These virtual meetings are held monthly in order to keep track on MOBI-US’ activities and align the workflow between work packages.

In this opportunity, the partners had fruitful discussions regarding the upcoming Online MOBI-US, in which the networking universities’ representatives will start liaising with the interested students – based on the registration form – to coordinate their enrollment in the virtual courses that are being offered in the current semester.

Another topic was the current state of the mobility pathways for joint MSc programs, in which the program representatives of each partner university will continue working on the mobility options by virtual discussions with the other partner(s). The draft scheme will be prepared and finalized in mid-November, and will be presented to the Industry partners in the next workshop.

The Industry workshop will be held in early December – online, in which companies, mining and geological associations, Geological Surveys and others will be invited to provide their input and feedback on the offered courses and mobility pathways that were jointly made by the networking institutions. Their input is extremely valuable since these institutions are potentially going to be the future employers of the students that will participate in MOBI-US program.

The last topic was about the Virtual Open Day of MOBI-US, which will happen on 27 November, during the EU Researchers Night event. The interested audiences will be able to have access to each university site within MOBI-US webpage during the event, as a “lobby” (to be advertised later). In addition, each university will prepare an introductory video (5 minutes long), presenting their facilities, offered courses and opportunities for the guest students in MOBI-US. These videos will also be available on the webpage and shared on the project’s social media channels.

The consortium is currently following the next steps of the work plan, in order to prepare for the next events and finalize the year of 2020 successfully.

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