MOBI-US Matchmaking Workshop online!

An important milestone of MOBI-US was achieved on 7-8 September, through the conclusion of the Matchmaking Workshop. This event was supposed to be held in person, in Wroclaw (Poland), however, due to the current restrictions it had to be held online. In June there was the first part of the event – also online – and now the project has concluded the second and last part of this important step. The two-day meeting had a total of 24 participants, between MOBI-US consortium partners, members of the Advisory Board, and the MSc program leaders from the networking institutions.

The first day (07/09) started with welcome words from the Project Coordinator Ferenc Mádai (University of Miskolc) and the host of the event Gabriela Paszkowska (Wrocław University of Science and Technology). After the introductions, the networking partners presented their results from the pre-workshop online exercise that was developed for them to learn in advance about each other’s offered programs and the potential partnerships that can be made for the mobility network. Each program representative showed their strengths and weaknesses, and the other partners could comment on it and set up individual meetings, in order to work on the feasibility of the partnership to create mobility pathways. Comments from the Advisory Board and Mentoring partners wrapped-up the first day of the workshop.

Welcome words from program leaders of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

The second day (08/09) started with presentations made by the networking partners regarding their self-assessment on internal resources for the introduction of the joint programmes, followed by comments from the mentors. Afterwards, the partner finding activities had proceeded with individual online meetings between the networking partners to discuss the feasibility, logistics and administration procedures for the development of the mobilities. These parallel chats were split in three sections, in order to cover all the different potential partnerships between the offered MSc programmes in MOBI-US.

Parallel chat rooms for each MSc programme that will be offered in MOBI-US.

For the upcoming months, the MSc program leaders – with the help of the Mentoring Partners – will have the continuous “homework” of setting up individual e-meetings between the pre-identified potential partners to discuss further details and requirements for the smooth and effective implementation of the mobility scheme.

The next important milestone for MOBI-US will be the Industry Workshop in December 2020. This event will provide input and feedback from the raw materials industry, which will potentially be the future employers of the MOBI-US participant students.

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Preparatory meeting pre-Matchmaking Workshop

The MOBI-US consortium had an e-meeting last Friday (28 August 2020) in order to prepare for the next important step of the project – the Matchmaking Workshop. The preparatory meeting was an opportunity to finalize the agenda, objectives, registration procedure, as well as to discuss the activities and exercises that will be performed in the event. The objective of the workshop activities and exercises is to create complementary programmes that will fill the skill gaps and serve market needs, as well as to give a strong added value to the linked original master programs.

The two-day event will be an opportunity for the representatives to meet (virtually), and discuss the potential complementary courses in each others’ programmes, and the main expected outcome is the first draft mobility network (pairs of programmes with mobility pathways). 

The MOBI-US Matchmaking Workshop will be held online, on 7-8 September 2020, to be attended by the project consortium, program leaders of the networking institutions, and members of the Advisory Board. After the workshop, the Networking and Mentoring partners will proceed with the partner finding work through regular online meetings, in order to adjust and improve the drafted mobility routes.

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Second day of MOBI-US Online workshop!

Today, 1 July 2020, was the second and last day of the MOBI-US Online workshop, which concludes the Phase 1 of the project – the first project semester. The e-meeting had a total of 42 participants, between consortium partners, presenters, members of the Advisory Board, and stakeholders from the academic and industry sectors. 

The event started with a presentation from the project coordinator Ferenc Mádai, about the expected results at the end of the project, such as the organization, staff and material that need to be inline for a proper execution of the structured mobility between the universities. In addition, Ferenc presented the “homework” for the program representatives of the partner universities, as a preparation for the Matchmaking Workshop in Wroclaw – Poland.

After that, LPRC representatives talked about how the Matchmaking Workshop will look like. The company has extended experience in leading and moderating workshops, therefore the planned activities, matchmaking exercises and discussions were presented.

Following, the program leaders of the networking universities (AGH, UNIM, RGNF and WUST) presented the education programs that are going to be offered for MOBI-US’ students; and also briefly mentioned the potential partners for networking based on the strenghts and weaknesses of the currently offered courses. The presentations covered the scope, structure and objectives of the programs; planned / wished disciplines for extension of the home program by using mobility windows; and the contact details of the people in charge of the mobility route development.

Finally, Gabriela Paszkowska, from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST), talked about practical information about the Matchmaking Workshop, to be held on 7-8 September 2020, in Wroclaw – Poland. WUST is the technical organizer of the event.

Click here if you want to learn about the outcomes and details of the first day (30 June 2020) of the workshop.

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First day of MOBI-US Online workshop!

This morning, on 30 June 2020, the MOBI-US project has reached another important milestone. A total of 40 participants, between consortium partners, industrial and academic stakeholders, as well as programme leaders from the future networking institutions, participated in the first day of the MOBI-US Online workshop. This event was supposed to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions on travel and social interaction, it had to be split in two parts – Online (30/06 and 01/07) and a face-to-face event (which will happen later in 2020).

The first session started with welcome words from the project coordinator Ferenc Mádai, followed by a quick round of presentations of the consortium members and programme leaders of the partner institutions. In the following section, Ferenc presented an overview about MOBI-US, highlighting its background, objectives, structure, timeline and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). One important mention was the Industry Workshop, which will be held in December – in Krakow, Poland – in order to collect the input from industry members of the raw materials sector in the ESEE region about the mobility routes for the students.

The third and last session of the event was dedicated to the representatives of the consortium partners Aalto University, La Palma Research Centre, University of Zagreb-RGNF and TU Wien. The presenters talked about relevant chapters of the guideline document on structured mobility, which was developed during the first semester of MOBI-US.

The presentations were the following:

  1. TU Wien: Mobility window organizational issues, best practices.
  2. Aalto University: Best practices for joint programs.
  3. University of Zagreb – RGNF: Opportunity analysis, challenges for the ESEE raw materials sector.
  4. La Palma Research Centre: Skills, competence gaps and needs of the raw materials sector.

After that, there were discussions and recommendations from the Advisory Board, in order to improve and align MOBI-US’ structured mobility network towards a successful conclusion.

Tomorrow, on 1 July 2020, there will be the second and last day of MOBI-US Online workshop event, with more presentations and discussions. Stay tuned!


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Consortium follow-up e-meeting – June 2020

The MOBI-US consortium partners had an e-meeting on the 18 June 2020 to discuss the project’s progress and upcoming activities. These meetings are taking place monthly, as envisaged in the initial work plan that was presented by the project coordinator – Ferenc Mádai – at the MOBI-US kick-off meeting in February 2020. In addition to the current state on the project’s updates and future steps, this opportunity was specially dedicated to discussions about the upcoming Online Workshop, which is going to be held on 30 June and 1 July 2020.

The meeting covered the organizational details for the event, such as the participants list, registration form, invitational document, the agenda, and, mainly, the partners’ tasks to be prepared prior to the workshop. The compiled guideline materials and education portfolios are being circulated among the MSc programs’ representatives from the partner institutions for consultation.

In addition, the consortium discussed management-related topics, such as the alignment between the four main pillars of MOBI-US (Time, Scope, Budget, COVID-19) before the closure of the first project semester.

Finally, there will be a second call for the Online Workshop, in order to raise interest from more participants, specially the competent personnel from the Master programs that will be offered. The partner universities are currently promoting the event internally, among their colleagues in the universities.

Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering – AGH University of Science and Technology – promoting MOBI-US on their website.

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Consortium follow-up e-meeting – May 2020

The project consortium met online on 19th of May 2020, to discuss the latest and upcoming activities within MOBI-US, as well as to follow-up the current activities from the partners. The monthly e-meeting has the purpose of keeping track of the workplan, and to discuss the work packages and the project’s timeline.

The current activities, as mentioned in the previous blog posts, comprise the development of the guideline documentation – by the mentoring partners – for the appropriate matchmaking process; and the compilation of the education programs, in English, that are going to be offered in MOBI-US – by the networking institutions. These activities are in advanced state and will be finished on time. Once available, these materials will be shared among the participants of the First Matchmaking Workshop.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the First Matchmaking Workshop will be split in two parts: 1) Online; and 2) In person. The online workshop will be held in late June/early July, which will be joined by the project consortium and, mainly, the education programs representatives of the networking universities. The event will start with a short introduction of the participants and an overview on the objectives of this phase of MOBI-US. After that, the work regarding guideline documentation and program portfolio compilation will be presented and briefly discussed among the participants; in order to plan the following activities before the second part (“face-to-face”) of the workshop, whose date is still to be decided – possibly early September 2020.

In addition, the consortium discussed management-related subjects and decisions to be made, which are already being implemented. One of these subjects include the plan of offering online courses in MOBI-US. Interested students will be able to start some online courses from other universities, as part of the mobility program, already in the next academic year!

The project’s next steps include mainly the mobilization of the key participants of the First Matchmaking Workshop – i.e. education programs representatives – and the development/improvements of the online courses that will be offered in MOBI-US.

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MOBI-US follow up e-meeting – Mitigation measures

On April 24th the consortium had a follow up e-meeting in order to discuss the current state of the project’s activities and future steps according to the MOBI-US’ timeline. The most important topic of the meeting was the risk mitigation measures due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and travel restrictions made the MOBI-US partners think about alternatives and adjustments in the workplan for the time being.

Best case and worst case scenarios were imagined, in terms of quarantine restrictions. For both situations the consortium came up with solutions, adaptations and adjustments in the work plan of each work package, in order to accomplish the MOBI-US objectives within the envisaged timeline.

Tasks that are completed online, such as the education portfolios and guideline documents, will not be heavily affected by these restrictions, therefore no major adaptations are needed. However, the workshops for 2020 – first Matchmaking Workshop and the Industry Workshop – needed special care in order to build a solid mitigation strategy to be followed in the next months. The first Matchmaking Workshop is going to be slip in two parts: the first will be held in late June, online, and the second will be held in early September, in-person. Consequently, adjustments in the mentoring and joint program development tasks were also addressed in the mitigation plan.

In addition to these measures, the COVID-19 situation brought new ideas to the consortium, which will potentially be implemented in MOBI-US: Online courses will be offered to students within the network in the next academic year, in order to introduce the training palette of the partner institutions.

Stay home, stay safe!

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MOBI-US’ activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

MOBI-US, structured mobilities for ESEE raw materials master programs, is currently active and running, despite the necessary restrictions due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Through online communication and e-meetings, the consortium has been able to carry on with the work, in order to successfully meet the project’s milestones within the envisaged timeline.

The current state of the project’s activities involves mainly the work packages 1 (Guideline document compilation), which is going to be developed by the mentoring partners; and 2 (Portfolio compilation), to be prepared by the partner universities.

For WP1, the mentoring partners (LPRC; Aalto; TU Wien) are preparing a guideline material for the networking universities, in order to help the efficient partner finding and the preparation of documentation background for linked programs. This document will be based on policy materials issued by the EIT RawMaterials, and will contain policy and business environment analysis, highlighting the important and relevant possible tracks for the mobility networking, as well as management measures necessary to establish structured mobilities, showing also best practice examples. The guideline will give an analysis of the latest developments of the European qualification framework related to the raw materials sector, so the networking institutions can properly develop the joint curricula for the MOBI-US’ student mobilities.

Meanwhile, the networking institutions (WUST; AGH; UM; UNIZG-RGNF) are currently working on the detailed education portfolios – in English – of their raw material-related Master programs that will be offered in the MOBI-US network. These portfolios include the structural scheme; curriculum; course descriptions; legal framework of the program and learning outcomes; syllabus; admission and alumni statistics for the last 5 years; and extra-curricular activities.

The MOBI-US next steps, once the travel restrictions are ceased, will be the organization of the first matchmaking workshop, in order to work out the details of the mobility window options among the institutions, mentored by a panel of experts.

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First consortium e-meeting – March 2020

The MOBI-US consortium participated in a follow-up e-meeting on March 20th. In this opportunity, the Project Coordinator, Ferenc Mádai, moderated the discussion about the project’s activities, its progress, envisaged workshops, and the project’s next steps.

The meeting started with a presentation from the Project Coordinator about the updates regarding EIT RawMaterials – our funding entity – on the Business Plan. After that, the networking universities presented their current state about the portfolios of their education programs that will be offered for MOBI-US’ structured mobility network. The next topic was the communication and dissemination plan, commented by La Palma Research Centre – LPRC (person: Márcio Tameirão). Finally, the consortium discussed about the strategy regarding the matchmaking workshops, envisaged among the partner universities, due to the current quarantine measures to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consortium e-meetings are planned to be held monthly, in order to maintain a good flow of information among the partners on the project’s activities, and to align the work plan for the upcoming months of MOBI-US’ implementation.

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MOBI-US: an EIT RawMaterials project has started!

The MOBI-US project, funded under EIT RawMaterials, has now started. Last week, on the 5th and 6th of February, the consortium partners attended the MOBI-US kick-off meeting in Budapest, Hungary. In this opportunity, the coordinator Ferenc Mádai, together with the networking universities and Work Package leaders presented their work plan for the next eighteen months.

The first day started with the coordinator’s introduction of the project, its objectives and expected results. After that, the networking partners introduced themselves and their respective MSc programs. Finally, the mentoring partners talked about their experience with structured mobility development, and how they will contribute with MOBI-US network.

On the second day the Work Package leaders presented their work plan, each followed by an open discussion on the following topics:

    • Universities portfolios
    • Guideline document
    • Matchmaking and industry workshops.
    • Joint program’s development and mentoring
    • Dissemination and communication.
    • Project management.

Now the consortium is ready to start consolidating the structured mobility network among the partner institutions!

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