MOBI-US Promotional videos!

In 2021 the students that are interested in the structured mobility offered by MOBI-US will have the opportunity to get more familiar with the networking institutions! How?

The partner universities have prepared promotional videos, presenting their universities, faculties, labs, equipment, field trips, and other facilities that will be offered to the guest students during MOBI-US. The videos illustrated very well that, regardless of the students’ choices for their mobility window period, they will be in good hands during their stay. In addition, the videos show images and clips of the cities where the institutions are.

MOBI-US YouTube channel is the repository platform for these videos, which are the following:

The videos together have reached hundreds of views after just a few days after the creation of the MOBI-US YouTube channel. These numbers demonstrate how interested the students are in getting informed and familiar with their future life during the mobility program.

Take your time and pay a virtual visit to the partner institutions!

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