MOBI-US Online course in 2021!

This course under the MOBI-US project will be given by professors at the Wroclaw
University of Science and Technology, Babes-Bolyai University, and University of Miskolc,
with the aim to give an overview of some latest methods developed and applied for mineral
resource exploration and mining. The short course is recommended for master and PhD
students first of all with mineral exploration and mining engineering specializations. If you are interested in learning more about it, download the document below and register by 10 October!


The Mobility Pathways are available!

Have a look at the 13 offered mobility options and their details within MOBI-US network. These pathways are being reviewed for further adjustments, to provide you a better experience and added value during the mobility window!

MOBI-US Promotional videos

The partner universities have prepared promotional videos, presenting their universities, faculties, labs, equipment, field trips, and other facilities that will be offered to the guest students during MOBI-US!

A structured mobility network among raw materials-related Master programs in the East & South-East European countries

MOBI-US is an EIT RawMaterials funded project that will set up a pilot network among four ESEE universities that run different raw materials-related master programs. Through this network, master students will have the chance to shift for one semester – using a “mobility window” – to study at the partner university a different specialization compared to the home program.

Using structured mobility pathways, students may be specialized in fields less focused in their home program. The project gives added value to the existing home programs, and strengthens cooperation among ESEE universities.

The whole process will be mentored by university partners from institutions with longer experience in structured mobility schemes, as well as by industrial and research partners and experts.