Industry Workshop – the last event of 2020!

The Industry Workshop concludes MOBI-US’ events in 2020. The workshop gathered partners of the consortium, academic stakeholders, and industry players of the ESEE region (East & South-East Europe), to talk about what has been achieved within MOBI-US during the first project year.

The main objective of the Industry Workshop was to invite members of the raw materials industry, from different areas of the value chain, to learn about MOBI-US’ overall progress and the structured mobilities that had been developed by the partner institutions. Afterwards, these industrial representatives provided their impressions and feedback, which will help MOBI-US to achieve its ambitious goal: adding value to the existing MSc programs and to produce a well prepared workforce for the raw materials sector within the region.

The event was divided in two sessions. The morning session was dedicated to the consortium partners, in which the leaders of the MSc programs presented the mobility pathways that have been arranged with the other universities. This part of the meeting was a preparation for the following session, which was dedicated to presenting the project’s achievements to the representatives of the raw materials industry.

The afternoon session started with welcome words and an introduction of MOBI-US by the Project Coordinator Ferenc Mádai – University of Miskolc. After that, the guideline documents were presented by the mentoring partners – “Best Practices for Joint Programs” and “Skills, competence gaps and needs of the raw materials sector”. Afterwards, the networking universities briefly presented the drafted mobility pathways, which was followed by an open talk with the industry members to discuss what was presented, and to collect their suggestions and input. The discussion covered relevant topics that will help MOBI-US to achieve its goals and expected impacts towards the raw materials education in the ESEE region.

The feedback from industry players is essential for MOBI-US partners to align the next steps and produce a well-prepared generation of geologists and mining engineers, based on the technical and soft skills acquired with the mobility program. The event counted with 35 participants in total.

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