Pathway 1


Students of WUST study in their first (summer) semester 30 ECTS in Wroclaw starting the Mining and Geology MSc / Geodesy and Cartography MSc and can follow in Zagreb (winter semester) specializing in courses with strong mineralogy and petrography profile which makes them specialized in mineral resource exploration competences. For the third (summer) semester, the students return to Wroclaw to complete the Mining and Geology MSc in the Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management specialization.


Prof. dr. sc. Stanko Ružičić:

Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering specialisation

1st - summer [ECTS]

Theory and practice in geomechanics [6]

Computer Aided Geological Modelling and Geostatistics [5]

Project management, appraisal and Risk Evaluation [4]

Engineering Geophysics [3]

Integrated analysis of deformations in geomechanical engineering [5]

Occupational health and safety [2]

Environmental chemistry [5]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Mineral processing systems [3]

Principles and application of InSAR and GIS in mining [5]

Digital mine [2]

Free elective [2]

Diploma seminar [2]

Foreign language [2]

Master thesis [14]


Geomatics specialisation

1st - summer [ECTS]

Physics - the structure of matter [2]

Foreign language [2]

Advanced numerical calculation methods [4]

Advanced geospatial analysis [5]

Geostatistics [5]

Special measurements [4]

Selected topics in GNSS [4]

GIS programming 1 [4]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Geoinformation project management [2]

Selected topics in information technologies [3]

Distributed spatial databases [3]

Management of company development [2]

Free elective [3]

Diploma seminar + Master thesis [15]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester