Pathway 12


Pathways 12 and 13 establishes the mobility between the mining engineering MSc programmes of the University of UNIZG-RGNF and the AGH-UST. Pathway 12 is for students from Zagreb Mining and Geotechnical Engineering MSc to Krakow Mining Engineering MSc. Students from Zagreb can use the mobility window in their second (summer) semester. Drivers for networking from the side of the University of Zagreb are to widen the knowledge especially in underground exploration and operation practice as well as in project management, CAD and IT, soft skills, interdisciplinarity.


Dr. Eng. Kornel Frydrych:

1st - winter [ECTS]

Statistics [4.5]

Chemistry for miner [4.5]

Applied geophysics I. [6]

Mineral processing II. [6]

2 Optional courses [9]

Demolition of structures [3.5]

Measurement technology [3.5]

Numerical mathematics [3.5]

Geoinformatics [4.5]

Engineering geology [4.5]

Mine surveying [4.5]

Renewable energy [4.5]

Industrial mineral deposits [5.5]


3rd - winter [ECTS]

Underground chambers [6]

Mining law and regulations [3]

Technology of nonmetallic raw materials [6]

3 Optional courses [15]

Traffic routes [4]

Economic geology [4]

Ventillation of underground rooms and tunnels [5]

Economics evaluation of projects [5]

Testing and monitoring geotechnics [5]

Ground improvement [6]

Landfills [6]

Recycling and waste treatment [7]


4th - summer [ECTS]

Projecting in mining [7]

Management [2]

Master thesis [21]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester