Pathway 13


Pathway 13 is the reversal of Pathway 12. In this case students from the Mining engineering, MSc of the AGH can use the mobility window to spend their second (winter) semester in Zagreb. The driving interest in this joint programme from the side of the sending partner is the improvement of the Mining Engineering MSc by including geotechnical courses and issues connected with sustainable development.


Prof. dr. sc. Biljana Kovačević-Zelić:

1st - summer [ECTS]

Rudiments of mining [4]

Economic geology [4]

Selected problems of surface mining [4]

Physical properties of rock and soils [2]

Drilling [2]

Selected problems of underground construction [2]

Information technology in mining [2]

Mining CAD [3]

Corporate social responsibility [3]

Advanced statistics [2]

Elective modules block [2]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Mine fire [2]

Selected problems of mine planning and economics [2]

Diploma seminar [2]

Elective modules block (2 courses to be selected) [2]

Solution mining in salt deposits [2]

Selected problems of environmental protection [2]

Mine environmental engineering [2]

Hazards monitoring in underground mine [2]

Hydraulics of water wells [2]

Geostatistics [2]

Databases in environmental monitoring [2]

MSc Thesis [20]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester