Pathway 2


This pathway is the reversal way of Pathway 1 and offers mobility for students of Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations subprogramme of the Geology MSc of University of Zagreb faculty RGNF. Drivers from the sending partner in this pathway are to extend knowledge related to the project management and risk assessment, advanced data analytics and simulation modelling in synergy with a better understanding of orebody formation, as well as competences in AD and IT, soft skills, interdisciplinarity, GIS in mining. Students from Zagreb can follow their studies in the second (summer) semester at Wroclaw and return to Zagreb for the third and fourth semesters.

1st - winter [ECTS]

Petroleum geology [6]

Industrial mineral deposits [6]

Sedimentology [7]

Analysis of mineral parageneses [5]

2 Optional courses [6]

Micro-paleontology [3]

Fundamentals of soil science [3]

Fluid mechanics [3]

Economic geology [3]

Hydrocarbon geochemistry [3]

Seismo-tectonics [3]

Mining law and regulations [3]


3rd - winter [ECTS]

Mapping of underground structures [6]

Clay mineralogy [5]

Instrumental analytical methods [4]

3 Optional courses [15]

Applied sedimentology [5]

Seismics and sequential stratigraphy [5]

Geochemical prospecting of mineral deposits [5]

Environmental geochemistry [5]

Environmental mineralogy [5]

Archeometry [5]

Tephrochronology of Quaternary deposits [5]

Geoinformatics [5]

Remote sensing [5]

Geostatistics [5]


4th - summer [ECTS]

Regional geology [3]

Optional course [2]

Regional geology of hydrocarbons [2]

Business management [2]

Master thesis [25]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester