Pathway 3


This pathway offers mobility for students of the Applied Geophysics & Economic Geology MSc of AGH University of Science and Technology to spend one semester at the University of Miskolc, following the Earth Science Engineering MSc program. During the winter semester, courses of the first and third semester are running in Miskolc, offering a wider set of courses that can be transferred to the curricula of the Applied Geophysics & Economic Geology MSc. Students from the AGH can use the mobility in their second (winter) semester at Miskolc according to the following scheme


Dr. Ferenc Mádai:

1st - summer [ECTS]

Geoelectrical methods in structural deposit research [5]

Modelling in geophysics [5]

Application of Pyhton programming in Earth sciences [3]

Diploma training [2]

Processing seismic data [5]

Structural imaging [3]

Law in mining and geology [2]

Advanced statistical methods [5]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Comprehensive interpretation of geophysical data [3]

Elective modules block - Applied geophysics [2]

Geophysical monitoring

Reservoir geophysics

Elective modules block - The subject of foreign language [2]

Economic aspects of geophysical research

Geological interpretation of geophysical measurement

Diploma seminar [1]

MSc Thesis [20]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester