Pathway 4


This pathway is the reversal of Pathway 3, offering mobility for Earth Science Engineering students at the University of Miskolc on the Geophysical engineering specialization to study in their third semester at the AGH-UST. The driver of mobility from the University of Miskolc is the high level of courses in the Applied geophysics MSc at the AGH-UST. Students from Miskolc can move for their third (winter) semester to the AGH.


PhD. Eng. Anna Kwietniak :

1st - winter [ECTS]

Numerical methods and optimization [2]

Engineering physics [4]

Physical geology [4]

Mineralogy and geochemistry [4]

Geodesy, spatial informatics [4]

Computer science for engineers [2]

Geophysical exploration methods I. [4]

Data and information processing [4]

Graduate research seminar [2]


2nd - summer [ECTS]

Structural geology [4]

Mineral deposits [4]

Engineering geology and hydrogeology [4]

Analytical technics in mineralogy and petrology [2]

Geophysical measurements [4]

Engineering and environmental geophysics [4]

Engineering physics II. [2]

Geophysical inversion [2]

Geophysical exploration methods II. [4]


4th - summer [ECTS]

Strategic Management [2]

Safety techniques and labor safety [2]

Diploma thesis consultation 2. [24]

Quality management [2]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester