Pathway 5


This pathway offers for students of WUST on the Mining and Geology MSc, Specialisation of Geotechnical and Environmental engineering to spend the second semester in Miskolc, completing courses from the Environmental Engineering MSc. For the WUST the driver in Pathway 5 is that using this it can offer the Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering specialization for the Mining and Geology MSc programme. The mobility window for students from WUST offers courses from the first and third semesters of the Environmental engineering MSc of UM, which helps the transferability of the credits.


Prof. Tamás Madarász:

1st - summer [ECTS]

Theory and practice in geomechanics [6]

Computer Aided Geological Modelling and Geostatistics [5]

Project management, appraisal and Risk Evaluation [4]

Engineering Geophysics [3]

Integrated analysis of deformations in geomechanical engineering [5]

Occupational health and safety [2]

Excavation design in open pit mining [5]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Mineral processing systems [3]

Excavation design in open pit mining [3]

Digital mine [2]

Free elective [3]

Diploma seminar [2]

Foreign language [2]

Master thesis [15]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester