Pathway 6


Pathway 6 and its reversal, Pathway 7 offers the mobility between the Geotechnical Engineering MSc of University of Zagreb Faculty RGNF and Environmental Engineering MSc of the University of Miskolc. As in the case of Pathway 5, the joint programs based on Pathway 6 and 7 will focus on competencies that are highly important during the whole mining cycle in phases such as risk assessment and planning of mine voids and mining waste facilities, at operation and management of waste facilities as well as during mine closure and post-mining operations. Both programmes last for 4 semesters and start in September. Pathway 6 offers for students from Zagreb to study in Miskolc in the second (summer) semester


Prof. Tamás Madarász:

1st - winter [ECTS]

Statistics [5]

Soil mechanics II. [5.5]

Applied geophysics I. [6]

Engineering geology [5]

2 Optional courses [8.5]

Demolition of structures [3.5]

Measurement technology [3.5]

Numerical mathematics [3.5]

Clay mineralogy [5]

Geoinformatics [5]

Chemistry for miners [5]

Renewable energy [4.5]


3rd - winter [ECTS]

Ground improvement [5.5]

Underground chambers [5.5]

Earthworks (Geotechnical engineering) [5.5]

Tunneling [5.5]

2 Optional courses [8]

Mining law and regulations [3]

Traffic routes [3.5]

Economics evaluation of projects [4.5]

Ventillation of underground rooms and tunnels [3.5]

Geotechnical design [3.5]

Soil dynamics [4.5]

Underground waste dumps [4.5]

Testing and monitoring in geotechnics [5]


4th - summer [ECTS]

Projecting in mining [7]

Management [2]

Master thesis [21]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester