Pathway 7


This pathway is the reversal of Pathway 6 and allows the students studying in Miskolc at the Environmental engineering MSc to spend the third semester in Zagreb joining the Geotechnical Engineering MSc. The added value of Pathway 7 for students from Miskolc is the stronger geotechnical character that can be received by this mobility window. Environmental engineering MSc in Miskolc is chosen also by students with a civil engineering background, therefore this mobility window option may raise the attention of students towards the programme.


Prof. dr. sc. Biljana Kovačević-Zelić:

1st - winter [ECTS]

Analytical chemistry [4]

Environmental geology [4]

Basics of environmental processing [2]

Ecology and nature protection [3]

Soil and water chemistry [4]

Computer science for engineers [2]

Numerical methods and optimization [2]

Chemical technologies in environmental protection [2]

Basics of waste management [3]

Hydrogeology [5]


2nd - summer [ECTS]

Applied physical chemistry [3]

Environmental economics [2]

Waste disposal, landfill operation and reclamation [4]

Environmental and engineering geophysics [4]

Water quality protection [3]

Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling [5]

Geotechnical engineering [4]

Contaminated site remediation [4]


4th - summer [ECTS]

Occupational health and safety [2]

Elective course 2 [3]

Thesis work 2 [24]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester