Pathway 9


Pathway 9 is the reversal of Pathway 8, offering mobility for mining engineering students from Wroclaw to spend their second semester at the University of Zagreb, faculty RGNF. This pathway is offered for students of the Mining and Geology MSc, Mining engineering specialization of the WUST. The main driving force of this mobility is the specific competencies in blasting and related applications – design of different types of underground chambers, tunnelling, demolition – which make a strong side of the Mining and Geotechnics specialisation of the Mining Engineering MSc in Zagreb.


Ass. prof. Vječislav Bohanek:

1st - summer [ECTS]

Theory and practice in geomechanics [6]

Computer Aided Geological Modelling and Geostatistics [5]

Project management, appraisal and Risk Evaluation [4]

Engineering Geophysics [3]

Integrated analysis of deformations in geomechanical engineering [5]

Foreign language [2]

Excavation design in open pit mining [5]


3rd - summer [ECTS]

Mineral processing systems [3]

Free elective [2]

Foreign language [1]

Digital mine [2]

Operation research [3]

Diploma seminar [2]

Free elective [2]

Master thesis [15]


Course descriptions of the mobility semester